What is LOVE603?

To us, church isn't "a place where" but "a people who." It isn't church unless our compassion spills beyond the walls of our weekend services, and when that happens we call it LOVE603. When our love for God MOVES us to love people, we also call that MOVEMENT!

We are either piloting or partnering with a number of local organizations and charitable groups to provide goods and services to those in need here at home, but we're also passionate about reaching beyond our borders to share Jesus in other parts of the world.

At MOVEMENT, we organize an all-church LOVE603 opportunity every month and we invite everyone who calls MOVEMENT home, as well as those who aren't quite sure but want to make a difference in the world, to join in. We also, encourage and empower MOVERS to identify needs and MOVE to meet them on their own. We call these organic opportunities. These don't require or invite the whole church's participation, just a small pocket of world changers. These organic MOVEMENTS can happen at any time, through a MOVINGroup seeing a need or an individual who wants to serve someone in need.

Share your stories...

We'd love to hear about how God is moving in the 603!